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Angel Khoury has lived on North Carolina’s Outer Banks for more than 40 years. A summer as dishwasher at the Avalon Fishing Pier, waves washing below her feet while reading MacNeill’s The Hatterasman propped above the sink, convinced her to stay. She became associate editor of The Coastland Times newspaper, editor and publisher of Outer Banks Magazine, author of Manteo: A Roanoke Island Town, and a board member of the non-profit Outer Banks Conservationists, owners of the Currituck Beach Lighthouse and Island Farm. A native of Suffolk, Virginia, she graduated from The University of Virginia, and also attended Randolph-Macon Woman’s College. These experiences all led, inevitably, to her first novel, Between Tides. She lives on Roanoke Island, surrounded by history, among friends both living and dead.

Angel Khoury

“Between high and low tide, he had more than enough time. A matter of fifteen minutes and he could cast away the past, and baptized, ride the swell that would carry him to freedom. With a few gestures, well-practiced, Gilead Lodge could change his life. Or so he must have thought. I see him working it all out in his mind before he ever laid the first plank against keel or fitted oar to lock or lashed sail to mast, fashioning his means of escape, as though by building one thing, it would give him the courage to tear down another.”

-excerpt from BETWEEN TIDES

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